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golden tee 2019 error code 13 USBI/O board malfunction


 cookie display VO.30

error code 13
please turn off game
wait 10 seconds
then turn back on

the above doesnt work, eventually the game shuts down and the error code appears again

Did you ever resolve this problem?  I am having the same problem after moving the machine.  So far I have replaced the USB cable to the I/O board and reseated the power cable at both ends to the I/O board.  I also verified the 5 and 12 volt supplies to the I/O board are not too low.  I also intend to look at them on a scope to see if they are clean but have not done that yet.

I have not seen it again since doing that but it's only been a few days and it was intermittent so not sure if I solved it or not.


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