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Careful what you wish for- I finally got to join the club

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Thanks for the tip pbj.
I hadn't considered that possible for this machine but if I can bulletproof the thing for $500 it is worth it.
I already got the sockets for that thing so I'm going to give fixing it a shot today but if my repair attempt fails I'm ordering one of those boards for sure.

Been so distracted with other stuff that I haven't plugged it in yet.
Too scared to do so without checking the power supply function/voltages first.

I need to dig up a manual and see what I am supposed to find for power and really look at the whole thing to make sure I'm not missing anything obvious.

Meh, don't be scared.  Plug it in.

You're right of course, I need to just stop being a sissy.
I got the legs on it this morning before I had to head out for the day.

I'm going to try to put those sockets in tonight and give it a go.
This one might be up and running first actually.

Well, I got the sockets and chips in the main board (I think ok enough) and put everything back together and plugged it in
Only got lights and a bump out of the speaker.
I poked around with a meter and was getting -0.43v where I should have +5v and found 42v and 16v in other spots on the PS.
I need to look up what is what.
Somebody has been into this before based on soldering I see where I bet they found burnt headers and juat lqnded wires right on the board.

Maybe I need to start with a new power supply AND mpu.

At least it didn't just burst into flames like I expected.

"juat lqnded"


It's always power supply and connector problems with pinball machines.  Only Data East I owned was a Jurassic Park so I'm of little use besides the basics.  Sometimes you won't see the correct voltage on the supplies until there's a load on them, but.... 0.43V is very low.

If you do end up replacing connectors and such, you may need to cut back a couple of inches into the wires to get some decent copper.  There's where I'm at on my World Cup Soccer, but it's more like a foot or two.  I threw in the towel and replaced the lights with LEDs.


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