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Careful what you wish for- I finally got to join the club

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"just landed"
Hadn't noticed that!
Typing faster than my callused thumbs allow.

From what I have stumbled onto for info it seems that even if regular wear/aging on a power supply wasn't enough already that a lot of machines have issue with the load of 70+ incandescent bulbs even when the system is new.
So a swap to leds is probably in my future.

I suppose it is most useful to begin at the output of the transformer and head in until I find failure.

The race is on to see which machine I can get up and running first at this point.

What’s the other machine?


I was dumbfounded at the other one to appear.

Started a new thread for that one!

wow, i saw the firs pic and i was like, "ouch, that's a little rough! not bad if it was cheap for a first try at pinball "

then i saw the 2nd pic... "oooooooOOOOOOOOOOHH YIKES!"

not impossible to do... but yes, you have your work cut out, that's for sure

Yeah, as prophesized by pbj, it's going to cost me some $$.

I took a shot at some repair work but I do not get good power out of the supply board to begin with.
There are a few spots that got 'warm' on that thing so that will must get replaced.
Same goes for the main board too I think at this point.

I'll just need to chip away at it as I learn more until it's working.


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