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Raspberry Pi 4b and vga666 , how to setup for 15khz?


So i scored 2 raspberrys pi 4b. I believe they are 4gb type. The owner only knew they turn on, but he wanst able to make them work. so hopefully is just something simple.
Im desapointed but the fact that therpi wont boot from usb natevely, you some how need to pop an sd to update the eprom in order to not use the sd and boot from the usb, so to avoid such a hustle, ill just buy a danm sd card.   
Now, does anyone knows, whats the fool proof to load, either recalbox, or rgb-pi o some raspberry pi arcade os that would work out of the box with the vga666 adapter?
I dont own an micro hdmi to hdmi cable, and i do have an arcade monitor ready to go, so i would love to avoid having to buy an hdmi micro cable just to hoock the pi to my tv in order to set it up to work with the vga666 adapter. Do i explain myself right? anyway, thanks for reading and have a great day.

 :laugh2: Sorry i found my own answer


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