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--- Quote from: aevans0001 on December 29, 2022, 08:17:13 pm ---Couldn't we just put a link to the old wiki.

--- End quote ---
1. The old wiki is just there for archival purposes.
- AFAIK none of us can add users, edit pages, or upload images to it.

2. There are a number of updates and additions in the new wiki like the FAQ.

3. Just added the KenToad thread link to the Spinner Turn Count page so we might as well link to the new wiki since we can at least update the text even though we can't update images.   :dunno


Thanks Xiaou2, for your insightful post.  I believe you are correct in the best way t document.  it does make more sense to have as much info as possible.  However, this post as well as Ken's post and the wiki was a different project.  Taking what we know and documenting it to play a game.  The project you have suggested would require people who actually own arcades or know about the manufacture of a lot of arcades to be ble to figure that info out.  I'm not quit ethat technical.

I have created an excel document of @KenToad's message (linked above).  This includes 90% of the info he has included in his post, but a bit more easily read.

Tried to post document here, but formating gets all screwed up.. here is the file attached.


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