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edge glued pine(I think) wood good for sit down cabinet?

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sup gang..anyone ever use the edge glued pine wood lowes sell? 2'x4' is $23 and hardwood is $40. im trying to make a sit down cabinet. trying to figure out if this would be ok to use. doing t-molding slot too.

I think its this one but they had 24"x48" in store

From my experience it would work but you would have to brace the crap out of it.
3/4" plywood is a much safer bet.

Yep, Sure have. I have a door on the front of my cabinet and didn't want wood battens visable so I used a biscuit jointer/ bisquits with plenty of glue to secure the back of the cabinet. Rock solid.

I built a table out of cheap mr 2nds pine boards and glued the top boards together along the edge for about $25 20yrs ago because i needed something to replace the press board computer desk i had since highschool.
the wood dried out and shrunk and some boards split down the middle because the wood glue held the edges together.
my only real experience.

after that just switched to what is called sanded plywood and trim for other projects.

i'm still using the table as my computer desk and it is structurally sound.

That brings back memories. We had pressed board desks in grade school that were mainly held together from all the gum underneath:D.


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