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Second MS8-29

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This one was working fine for a year and a half at my friends arcade and one day just lost image. I cleaned reflowed and recapped, also replaced 3 of the smaller transistors on the b+ circuit and managed to get an image but it was scrambled. Not sure if I should further replace the HOT and the big VR, I took off all the assystant boards and checked them and did not find anything wrong with them. I made sure to test all the transistors on the sync assys board and they all tested fine and so did the resistors on the same board. Any help would be appreciated :).

whats the b+ running at?

Last time I measured while it was like this 89V used the TP1 and TP2 ground.

This is the last one I have left to fix, hopefully someone is seen this issue before.

i have had odd sync issues with the custom sync module, transistors will read good but fail under load
i know its a daft question but is the frequency jumper in the correct position?


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