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Rowe AMI Cadette question


Phil Croxley:
Hi all, my first time here.  I've just bought a 1969 Cadette (CMM3) and it worked fine when I got it home but I think I cut the power too soon.  Does anyone know how to reset the gripper arm? There's a video on YouTube but it's a different Jukebox with one micro switch whereas mine has four, photo attached.  Also, I noticed a wire which looks like it needs reconnecting, maybe it came adrift in transit.  Does it look like it just needs rejoining? Thanks.  Phil

Phil Croxley:
And the photo of the switches...

Phil Croxley:

--- Quote from: Phil Croxley on December 14, 2022, 04:55:40 am ---And the photo of the switches...

--- End quote ---
Sorted with a little trial and error. Now I've marked everything in case I need to do it again! 
I still can't work out how to load the magzine so if anyone knows it would be appreciated. 


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