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Sometimes, we just feel like hurting our wallets.  I needed this like I needed another hole in my head.  But here we go.

And now we wait for a power supply and my SD card loader.


While you're waiting for the power supply and SD card loader, perhaps we can continue our time-honored tradition.   :lol

--- Quote from: pbj on September 09, 2022, 10:01:06 pm ---itís impossible for me to own a console without a mod from PL1 in it

--- End quote ---



--- Quote from: pbj on December 13, 2022, 09:01:46 pm ---And now we wait for a power supply and my SD card loader.
--- End quote ---

What, you don't feel like waiting night and day for games to load?

First, you buy a weird HP power supply meant for external CD burners.  It uses the same three prong plug that this console, MSX2, and some Famicom variant did.

Whack the sides of it with a screwdriver handle until the glue gives out and you can open the enclosure.

Swap the 5V and Ground wires.  12V wire is in correct location.  Shove it back in enclosure, wrap with tape or whatever.

It lives!

So, the ďjunkĒ console turned out to need a tweak to the lid switch.  Itís booting up CDRs fine.

Modding it to US region consists of solely adding a jumper wire across two marked points.

Anyway, the amperage on the HP power supply rating is way under what the system supposedly needs.  I need to look at the actual components and see what their real rating are.  They look pretty robust, though.

Iíve played Crossed Swords 2, Nam 75, Magician Lord, and The Super Spy.  About 30 seconds to get to the game and then 8 seconds between levels.  The loading issues are way over stated, at least for the early games.



I'm happy that people smarter than me still graciously share information here.
This is another fun one.
As I am still a NeoGeo noob, did they make all titles available for all platforms?
I still don't know the timelines, but I recognize titles available on MVS here.


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