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Pinball Plunger with Microswitch?


Hey guys, anyone know where I can purchase one? Funny enough Iím using for a non pinball game lol.. when pulling back it would press on the switch and then release. Itís for a baseball game where the player swings the bat. Game is called Super Major League 99 for Sega Naomi.  Unfortunately the emulator doesnít recognize the Arduino board.

you could use a plain old ordinary plunger with an arcade microswitch at the end... adjust the switch so it is slightly away from the plunger end and rely on the momentum from releasing the plunger and the barrel spring to allow the plunger shaft to move forward enough after for the switch to be pressed in. this would allow the game action to take place AFTER release of the plunger. this my make the button press too short to register though. your actual game may vary.


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