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Wurlitzer 3000 reparation... Where to start?


Hey folks!

Well, as the title says. My grandfather owned a wurlitzer 3000(or maybe 3100?) since the 70s and we used to listen to music on it until 2012 when my grandfather started to feel ill.

He died in 2016, and when I wanted to remember the old days with our old records... The jukebox didn't turned on.

I really don't know where to start, when I plug it in, it's like if nothing happened.

I've been repairing arcade and consoles for years but never in my life have I touched such old material.

I presume I'll use this post again to ask lots of questions during my reparation but I'd first like to ask some things.

1) I heard a lot of old material was totally outdated, and that nowadays, professionals used to upgrade to modern amps and this kind of things. I'd really like to make it shine again, so I'll really do my best to make it look better than ever and this kind of thing could be interesting seeing that a huge part of my components are probably broken.

2) Back in the days, I remember that the neon in front of my jukebox had really cool colours. If I remember well, it was blue in the middle and maybe yellow on the sides. Do you know where I could find an equivalent to this kind of lightning today?

3) Could you send me some links talking about basic repairs and the first things I should check on the juke?

Thanks in advance for any help! And hopefully, we'll be able to make it live again.  :afro:

NB: I'm sorry, I have no other pictures right now because I'm not at home but will be adding them in the next days. I just wanted to have this already posted because I always forget to do it.  :lol


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