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[CT-US]Golden Tee Live 2020 CID 14 + I/O + MB + GPU + CTRLS ($1200obo)


All Nighthawk parts fully tested in donor cabinet (See below):

- I/O Board
- CID # 14
- GT Live 2020 Hard Drive (SSD)
- Happ Trackball
- All buttons including lighted buttons
- Wiring harness
- Motherboard
- GEForce 9500GT w/ HDMI AND DVI

What's missing:
- Case
- PC Power supply
- Power Cable for I/O Board (misplaced) but I purchased the connectors for it and pins , you would just need to crimp one up --> plugs into a normal PC 4-pin power connector)-- See pinout in image below:

where you located at? (please edit and put location in title)

this is just so people who see this and might be interested know what currency this is in... and guesstimates in what shipping costs may be to them.

Iím normally better about that.  Good point.

Iím interested. I just need to find an empty pedestal around me.

Ok I have plans for the live pedestal as well with cad files that I purchased I could include as part of the sale if you wanted to get one built.


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