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I'm surprised there isn't a Steam Deck thread already.

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I've been away a while...but...I got one, I like it. It plays Lots of games really well, emulates perhaps a bit fiddley, but for me that's a pro. Because after all that's why I come here. It's pretty amazing especially for the price.

I'm sure there are more Deck owners on BYOAC.

Who else has got one and how do you like it?

i passed simply because literally the second they released it, they announced working on another one... and a 512GB NVME is not worth 320 bucks more than base. a 500gb NVME is like 60 bucks.


--- Quote from: knave on November 29, 2022, 11:21:16 pm ---... It's pretty amazing especially for the price.

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I think one would need to do a few contortions to convince themselves of that.  If playing PC games on a handheld is a dream come true for you, then it has great value at just about any price.  But if emulation is the goal, I think there is much better value to be had.  I'm with lilshawn.  The consensus seems to be that the 512GB model is pretty much necessary to maximize the usefulness of the device, and it's just priced outside the bounds of what most would consider sensible. 

But Valve has never really designed their products for the "masses", rather for enthusiasts with deep pockets.  The quality is usually pretty good, and customer service is top-notch when there's an issue, which seems to occur with about the same regularity as with products from other manufacturers.  But you pay for that at the time of purchase, which may or may not make sense to do, given the rapid advancements in technology and the number of off-shore manufacturers currently jumping into the handheld market.  At least one of these is using a new Qualcomm chipset and the handheld is convertible to a stand-alone VR headset with fully tracked, detachable controllers and insane resolution.  Like anything, the best value for the money depends on the user's priorities.   


--- Quote from: RandyT on November 30, 2022, 01:06:27 pm ---enthusiasts with deep pockets.

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i think thats the rub.

i think what they have done is created a perfectly balanced market, just out of range of the layperson, so that they can easily keep up with production with the hardcore users who'll stop at no price to get one..

how long did it take for the PS5 to become a just-walk-into-a-store-and-buy-a-console... console?

as far as i can recall, there has never been a waitlist or anything for the steam deck an if you ordered it, it was like 1 to 2 weeks and you just got it...which i feel is perfectly acceptable wait time for something, especially if you are ordering it online.

Here's the thing.   Any time steam/valve release a product you shouldn't buy it.   Why?   Well, because they have abandoned every hardware project they have ever released.   It'll be fun until they lose too much money and decide to pull the plug and you are left with a very specialized pc and no more optimized ports left to buy. 


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