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MA - Selecting a game after 6 it will select next snap but not move the game


    I have a weird Q:

  Cannot seem to find on search a fix (Workaround) for my problem, Or I'm searching incorrectly  :(

    When I open Mame or select another Emu,  I use the joystick down to select a game.
So from the first game top of the list it will scroll down 6 games but when the 7ths is selected while scrolling the game rom will stay still while the image snap will move to the 7th game.

  So from there on, the game and snaps will be out by 1 all the time :(
Example select MK1 and Snap will show MK2

 Anyone have this before ?
or knows what it is, besides the old saying get another Frondend.  :(   
I love my Maximus sorry

    Seems to be the skin, Changed to MA default skin and now its fine.


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