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So my mother calls me the other day and tells me there are some of my old boxes at her house. I had no cluse what may be inside those. Turns out, it was a bunch of oll consoles , controllers and games that I thought were lost in my divorce years ago.

I'll start with handhelds.
Pretty pristine Sega Nomad I bought new and a bunch of carts to go along with it. It didn't want to read the carts at first, but a few swabs with alcohol and all is well. Has the power supply and the AA battery holder along with it. I ordered a rechargable battery holder kit from LaserBear for it.

Also, there's my OG Gameboy. It was filthy and the sceen had vertical lines in it. Took it apart and tried to fix the lines with a soldering iron. I got most of the lines out but there is still a pretty nasty one on the right side that wouldn't budge, so I ordered the upgrade LCD kit today. Cleaned the case and it came out almost mint. There's a stain on the battery cover that didn't quite disappear.

Next up will be the bigger consoles as I start testing them. I just have to get the CRT TV dusted off and find a spot to put it

The funnyplaying Gameboy LCD kit got here a couple of days ago. High quality stuff. Shipped in a padded plastic case. Took about an hour to get it installed. The only soldering required are the speaker wires. Really happy with the results.

it's always nice when you find out you had stuff at your moms that your ex couldn't get to.


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