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Touch Tunes Virtuo Pcap Monitor 27" 600141-005 Field Replacement Monitor 4 Sale

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I have a Brand New in the Box Touch Tunes Virtuo Pcap Monitor 27" 600141-005 Field Replacement Monitor 4 Sale.  Decided to go another direction.  Cost is $400 Delivered in the CONUS. Let me know if you have any questions.  I am in Los Angeles.

i'm possibly interested.

do you know which LCD panel this has? more wondering if it's the ELO screen or the other one.

where did you order this from originally?

I am sorry for the delay.  I acquired it from a business in downtown L.A. that sold lots of things from that were in boxes, returns etc.  How do I tell what the type of monitor it is.

hmmm... trying to explain how to someone whos never seen any of the other monitors...

i mean most of the monitors will have a sticker on the back someplace. the older one is manufactured by ELO. but it may not be visible or accessible without completely unpacking the monitor. a bit of a giveaway is in the middle of the monitor on the right side  it has a skinny red wire running off to the right side... it's usually taped down with yellow kapton tape. (i've posted a pic of this older style)

looked at a newer monitor's back at the top right corner of the monitor, you may be able to see a flat yellow ribbon cable with like 30 wire traces on it that disappears into the steel case. if you see that, it's a newer one.

do you know if this company would have more of these? some FRU's are hard to come by, as wait times from touchtunes is looking at about 3 to 5 months for waitlist for some parts.

This is what the back looks like.  Please advise


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