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The World Series Of Soccer Ball

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Ropi Jo:
Just a heads up for you lot over the pond as I know you don't keep abreast of what goes on in the real world...

The World Series Of Soccer Ball started today!!

Not sure if you lot are in it as it's not your type of 'football'. Neither is it baseball or basketball. It's REAL football, where you actually use your feet!

Mike A:
People that call soccer "soccer" put men on the moon.

People that call soccer "football" still have not.

Real world. Pffft.

Ropi Jo:

--- Quote from: Mike A on November 20, 2022, 03:31:37 pm ---People that call soccer "soccer" put men on the moon.

--- End quote ---

I thought that was still up for debate.

Ropi Jo:
Amazingly, you guys are actually in it!

In your opening game you managed a draw against Wales!

Most impressive.

USA population 331m, Wales population 3m.

Maybe not so impressive.

But never mind. I'm lining myself up for a massive fall here.

England may have beaten Iran 6-2 in our opener, but we will get humiliated soon. It's just the way it is. We're used to it.

I'm big enough and ugly enough to take the flack when the time comes.

But, did anybody catch the Saudi's beating the Argy's today? Absolutely priceless!

Ropi Jo: interest over there for the biggest sporting event in the world, even though you are in it?

Incredible. I have no words.

I work for a murrican firm and I've given them a few nudges about the world cup and got reactions similar to here.

You guys need to get out more often.

Anyway, today the Deutsche got beat by Japan!! That is priceless to a red bloodied Englishmen.

Don't forget.... when we get humiliated, and we will!!!!!!... you're welcome to give me a slating.


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