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Macross PCB No Audio & CMOS Error ***Error Solved***

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I saw that Delusional Jay had mentioned yotsuya has one of these!
I imagine if he catches wind of this thread he will chime in with wisdom of some sort.

Wish I could be more than moral support at this point.

At least I can keep bumping your thread until somebody smart sees it!

Mike A:
Without a schematic, which probably is not generally available, this will be a real challenge.

The no audio problem can be partially diagnosed. Find the amp. Wire a small amp and speaker to the inputs in front of the on board amp and see if you get sound. If you do, then the amp is bad and needs to be replaced.

If there is no audio with this method then the problem lies further back in the circuit schematic = big problem.

There are people that can probably figure this out without the schematic, but I am not that crafty even with a schematic.

I don't work on newer boards like this one so maybe this method won't work. I just figured I would throw it out there.

Have you put both sides of the PCB under a magnifier? Look for broken traces and bad solder joints?

i looked and looked hard and this was the best i could come up with for macross as far as a manual goes.
which really isn't much.

also, SO MANY arcade manuals and schematics on that site!

other games i found info on the CMOS errors.
the battery can go bad and corrupt the NVRAM.
they suggest new battery and going into the menu and doing a full factory restore.

i don't know if this helps.
if it worked going into storage the battery could of very well gone dead and corrupted the stored settings.


--- Quote from: nitrogen_widget on November 15, 2022, 08:17:35 pm ---SO MANY arcade manuals and schematics on that site!

--- End quote ---
Bookmarked.   :cheers:


The audio on my board went out a year or so ago, it was just the audio amp. All you need to do is swap it out.

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