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Macross PCB No Audio & CMOS Error ***Error Solved***

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Falken Hawke:
Working going into storage but when pulled found corrupt video in the form of two stripes from top to bottom (w/monitor oriented vertically) about 1" wide and no audio. Test pattern distinctly show missing areas corresponding to mentioned stripes.

Any assistance with this is greatly appriciated.

Falken Hawke:
Finally able to start looking around and found a couple of open capacitors.

Of course, being a weekend, the only source of passives is closed so dead in the water 'til Monday...

I guess I'll start collecting datasheets for now. Can't reallly continue with open circuits.

Wow, that IS really funky.

Wish I could be of use but I am NOT that smart yet.
Somebody here should know what is causing it though.

And that is a test pattern generated by the board?!
Never seen anything like it.

Falken Hawke:
Hey Bobby!
This board has a test mode which has two screen test patterns, similar to the Neo Geo MVS  ;D

Figured out RAM Error address:
09 C0 10 0

I just cycled the Object Output Tests and compared their ID's with the error.

Unfortunately, also found no objects display in test which is interesting because play is largely unaffected.

Falken Hawke:
Anyone familiar with Yamaha YM2203C and/or YM3014B?


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