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DWJukebox Demo - Still a fantastic program in 2022's world


I got my Bluetooth Keypad from Amazon.  It's by 'Havit'.  Although not all the keys can be mapped to DWJukebox, and one of them is pops up the calculator app when pressed, enough can be mapped to operate DWJukebox as a "remote control".

Two of my skins are demo'd:  AllegroSkin and LP Party.

As stated in the video's info, this is running totally wireless.  The TV has an Amazon Firestick set for 'Screen Mirroring", accessible by holding it's HOME button for 5 seconds.  My laptop is running DWJukebox, and I set it to wirelessly mirror its screen.  Once I load the DWJukebox program, the rest is done by the Bluetooth keypad.

This makes for a great way to play my music collection in the living room in addition to my dedicated jukebox in my hobby room.


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