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Bluetooth keypads: Why didn't I know these existed?


I'll be receiving a $19.99 bluetooth keypad from Amazon today.  It will allow me to run my DWJukebox setups using a 'remote'.

It will mainly be used in the living room.  I'll be able to use DWJukebox on our large flatscreen with my laptop hooked to the HDMI port.  Alternately, it also opens up the possibility of using a "stick" computer dedicated to the TV, using one of the HDMI ports.  Totally hidden behind the TV, with the remote bluetooth keypad by the couch/easy chair.

I've been working on the layout while I wait for the Amazon delivery.  I've used a keypad before, and I generally do something like this:

1.  Print out the tops on stick-on label stock.
2.  Place on keys.  Trim with exacto knife.
3.  Cut out a piece of clear packing tape just bigger than the keys.  Stick on top.
4.  Trim with exacto knife. 

This makes for a pretty durable keypad, and will work great on the flat, more modern keys that are on the item I purchased.

Expect a video of it all in action by the end of the week.  I'll post it in this thread.


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