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Galaga Countercade modification


In 2007, I made this bartop:

It was 20" high, used a 10" CRT, and a 4 way WICO. It was a lot of fun. I gave it to a family member, and when the Arcade1up's came out, I decided to modify one to replace this bartop.

This is a gen1 Countercade. It's 18" tall. I went with a gen1, because it was big enough to fit a 12" LCD monitor.

Here it is cleaned up

The cool thing with the 12" monitor, is it's a perfect fit simply by adding a 1x2

Decased monitor mounted. I was able to tilt it back a bit more than stock.

giving it all a test before putting it back together

Inside is pretty clean. I used a King of Air 2. I really like the board, but it has a super annoying feature when it boots up. It makes a "SHICK" sound as it scrolls through the game list in attract mode. It can't be disabled. It does a better job of emulation than the 60-n-1. This is running schmups (which I don't have a lot of experience with) 2 way shooters and other 8 way vertical games. All other games have been disabled

Here she is all put together. I even covered the bolt holes

Sitting in front of an original Galaga cabinet for scale

I used some lightly lit LED Player 1 and 2 buttons.

All said and done, this was super easy compared to my original Galaga bartop. I really like the machine. It's fun. It definitely is light weight and can move during rough play. This cabinet will sit in my home office.

This was a fun little build and was very fast. I thought I'd share, in case anyone wants to do something similar.

The cabinet is a gen1 Galaga cabinet. A gen1 Dig Dug or Space invaders would also work.
The monitor is a 12" LCD point of sale monitor from IBM. Model 4820. It has "decent" viewing angles. I'm happy with it.
The power supply is a 5v,12v,24v power supply and I'm using the 24v to power the monitor, the 12v to power the marquee and the all-in-one, and the 5v to power the LED buttons


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