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New DWJukebox skin, 'Allegro'


After some time away, I've been enjoying making new skins for DWJukebox.  I think this one is worthy of posting.

Unique features:

1.  The iconic album covers at the bottom light up sequentially left to right when the jukebox is idle.  It's pretty cool.  It was also the most difficult 'hack' I've done to date, involving 12 timers and stealing several keys behind the scenes.  I think I've just learned a cleaner way to do it and will continue to play around with that, but it works as currently done.  The "off" image is just the same cover with brightness and contrast minimized using Paint.Net.

2.  I've often felt the current and upcoming displays seemed too 'miraculous' when the words just appear, so this skin gives the impression that they are fed to small CRT's.  A different take on it.

3.  I decided on the name 'Allegro' since that's the programming environment of DWJukebox.

Also, can we just take a moment to realize that wincab/DWJukebox is now in its 20th year, since its DOS debut?  What an accomplishment by Chris.

Version 2.0: (9 Aug 02)

First public release.
Added a 4-button panel mode: buttons alternate from letters to numbers.
Added a AutoSelect function, which automatically selects a song when selection letter and number are pressed.
Changed the font style to dot-matrix allow more text
Added configuration file for keys, font color, autoselect, and 4buttonpanel

Hi Dermbrian, is there anyway to download this skin? only see the image on here. Like you I am a great fan of DWJukebox, so far it is the only program that I have found that can display singles correctly with the A and B sides showing as they would do in a real jukebox (takes a bit of folder sorting though). I noticed you have said you are now using Fruitbox, I have tried but can't understand the linked songs concept, do they show up as a "real" single and can you attach the record images so they display when playing? Hope you can help!


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