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FAB electronics Skee Ball Help needed.

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I have a Fab electronics skee ball machine that Iím looking for help? Need a schematic, possibly some troubleshooting help as well. If you have one or know about these please reply or contact me. Thanks! There was an old thread about them before but all the links are dead.

Very nice classic machine there.  What are some of the issues you are having with it?  I may be able to help you out a bit with your project.  I have 4 ICE skee ball machines of my own, a bit newer than the gem you have but all the same concept.

It will not start a game. It had 2 blown fuses on one of the boards. I replaced them but that did it fix it. It seems to be in attract more but if I try to coin it up nothing happens. It also has no sound.

Okay, so go through some basic tests to get a game to start.  Bypass the coin switch temporarily with a piece of wire and see if you can get it to coin up.  If this works than you have a bad coin switch.  First thing you should do is investigate why the fuses were blown.  Make sure that you have all your power rails as close to factory as possible.  I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure that you have at least 5V and 12VDC.  Anywhere from 4.9-5.1VDC is fine for proper operation and same thing with the 12V rail (11.9 - 12.1).  You can check this with a multi metre in DC test mode.  Be careful because you need to check this live!  On my machines the solenoid that releases the balls when money/token is inserted is 120VAC, yours may be different, I don't know.  Also, you can try bypassing the start button with a piece of wire, basically hot wire the button by attaching a piece of wire to one side of the switch and momentarily striking the other side of the switch with the other end, no worries, this should be low voltage and will not induce an electric shock.  If that starts the game after coin up then you have a bad start button.  We can worry about sound later, that may be a bit more involved.  What would really help you here is if you had a service manual with the schematics and test points.  Let me know how it goes.

This game uses a beam type coin up method. When I manually break the beam I hear a click but nothing else happens. It does not release the balls etc. I have replaced the bad fuses and they are fine they have not gone bad again . The game over and alley ready lights are both on when I turn it on . But it never changes when I coin it up. Also I have no idea where the test points are for the voltages. It has 3 boards that slide into a rack so no access really. Iíll attach a picture.


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