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head to head cocktail question


Hi Guys. I picked up an Arcade1Up Streetfighter head-to-head table and plan to "Mame it". However I would like to be get hold of assembly instructions for the original machine to allow me to dissect it correctly, that means not wreck it by wrestling it apart in the wrong order.
I have searched for the manual/instructions online but all I find, even on their site, are instructions for assembling the standup version... 

The other thing I'm considering, other than the Mame route, is a board swap for a different table.  What's the availability of the PCB's like?

Anyone got a link or a file to the manual they could share?

Many thanks !


This is a different cabinet, but pretty sure it's the same build. Looks pretty straight forward to take apart.

Thanks !!!   :applaud:


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