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My ps3 is freezing up all the time now. It used to do it once in a blue moon. But I've had a few marathon sessions on it where it really wasn't getting good ventilation which I reckon hastened it's demise. I hear it's a common problem with them. If I'd paid attention I would have looked after the air flow better. Freer flowing air to it and also sitting it on something to lift the air intakes up for better flow as well.

Anyway, what are my options now? I hear about getting them reballed. I pulled the lid off mine hoping to find heaps of dust. It was remarkably clean. Pulling it apart I broke quite a few tabs on the stupid clip on plastic bits so I'd feel embarrassed giving it someone to fix!

I had the foresight to back up all data the other day, so I'm wondering what the best way to replace the machine is? Swallow my pride and get mine reballed? Anyone in Brisbane Australia do it?

Or, what's the best model (least hot I guess) to replace it with? Mines a super slim.

I actually play this more than all my collection combined so I'm more bummed than i thought I'd be. Some of my faves are also on PS4 so I could go that way (and I read that heat is less of an issue) but I have a few games that are ps3 exclusive.

Iíve got one out in the garage but itís probably not worth shipping to you.

Just get a PS5, man.

Anything but the original fat model should be good enough. Personally, I replaced my dead fat model with a slim model and so far so good.

That reminds me that I still have my old broken model (yellow light) and that I did try opening it up, cleaning it, and replacing the thermal paste. Pretty sure the consensus is that reballing is a crapshoot and probably a temporary fix, although I didn't try it. It's a really annoying console to open up, security bit and all.

I can get a slim model for about 80 bucks with a controller from reseller shops around Milwaukee, so I'll go that route if my slim ever goes Sony on me.

I have 2 fats, one BC one isnt; same as PBJ cost to ship it to you is prolly way too much.


--- Quote from: pbj on October 20, 2022, 08:36:46 pm ---Iíve got one out in the garage but itís probably not worth shipping to you.

Just get a PS5, man.

--- End quote ---

I had an adventure with my local retro games shop. They have heaps of stuff. Weird guy at the counter. I always um and ah about whether I have the patience to talk to him. But they had super slim PS3s for $99. Seemed a bit cheap for Australia but they do have good prices at this shop (I sometimes wonder if they are laundering money). Took it home. Came up with some sort of video error. I took it back and told him. It might be my TV he says. It's s load of crock but he agrees to test it in the shop. Same thing. He then tries the AV cable port and it works. Must be the HDMI port. He keeps insisting if I fiddle with the settings it'll be right. I say to him I'd like him to do that now to be sure. He gets a bit huffy about it. I say well it's not fit for purpose and id like a refund. He complies but really butt hurt about it.

I told him several times in sympathetic tone that these things happen and note to take it personally. He remained huffy. It's really weird because I'm pretty sure he just works there, not the owner. They've lost a customer. There's only so much oddness I can take. Remember Jennifer? They are on a different forum that I'm on crapping on my thread. That's enough oddness right there.

And, PS5? that will just set me up fort more disappointment down the track 😄


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