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Oh I forgot to mention that there appear to be jumper resistors installed on the 2 player inputs on the joystick pcb that ground them out, making them inert.  These could be desoldered and re-soldered in the correct position but the components are super tiny so it probably isn't worth it.  The components to get the trackball and spinners working are missing as well... again, it could be fixed but probably not worth it.   

Been playing with this some more.   Joysticks, or at least xbox joysticks show up just fine in the os and work without any remapping.   You also do NOT get the warning message about the joystick being connected when playing a game.   I'll do more testing to see how it handles non-xbox stuff... I'll have to fish out some gamepads, but in general this means it is possible to build/bring your own control panels, just not with keyboard inputs unfortuantely.

Just another test with a stadia controller (RIP).   You'll have to remap the buttons in the settings menu, but it works just fine without warnings as well.  So yeah, any joystick-based controller should work, including the dirt cheap zero delays.   


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