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Lichtknarre: Unmodified Wii remote as a sight accurate Lightgun using 2/4 LEDs

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Been trying out this software recently and its truly something incredible! Unfortunately I've run into an issue. I was able to pair my wiimote to my computer via BT, and am able to have it recognized in Lichtknarre. I have successfully used the Wii controller in the past through software like Wiitar thing or on Dolphin using the sensor bar so I know there is not an issue in detecting the bluetooth pairing. Once paired to Lichtnarre, I am able to do the calibration and then use the wiimote as a mouse on my desktop. However, as soon as I actually launch a game, regardless of the emulator I am launching it with, the Wiimote is no longer detected by Lichtknarre but is still connected to my PC via bluetooth. I have seen others mention that sometimes having Dolphin open can cause a fight between the programs on who detects it but I have turned off any pairing of a real wiimote to Dolphin and Dolphin has never been opened throughout my testing of Lichtknarre. Any reason why this might be happening?


--- Quote from: smallgamer on March 01, 2024, 10:46:31 pm ---Once paired to Lichtnarre, I am able to do the calibration and then use the wiimote as a mouse on my desktop.

--- End quote ---

This probably isn't all that helpful, but once you have reached that point, anything which happens after that is not specifically related to Lichtknarre.   Something on the system is interrupting the relationship between the controller and the LK software, be it a third party utility which might be waiting in the background to launch with whatever app you are starting, or the app itself.  Basically, anything which hooks controllers to read them directly, even if it is not specifically geared toward BT devices, could interfere with LK's communications.

You stated that you have used other similar drivers/apps on the system prior, so my question is how much of the code from those is continuing to linger on the system, possibly even after an uninstall?  By their nature, some of these kinds of drivers use code which digs deep into the lower rings of the operating system, like at the kernal level, and might be difficult or even impossible to remove without a special piece of software specifically designed for that task, which would need to be provided by the developer.

Or, it might just be a silly configuration error for whichever application might be causing the issue :)  It's hard to know, but if fiddling with app configs yields no success, it's likely going to be something much more difficult to figure out, given the other software you had running previously on the system. 

Very interesting! I  thought it was strange that it worked perfectly fine until actually launching a game using an emulator regardless of which one it was. I wonder if it could be something like a frontend software such as Launchbox causing the issue. I will have to do some testing because it seems like the trigger is simply launching a game even through standalone emulators. Has anyone had experience using Lichtknarre and Launchbox?


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