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“Clincher” cable connector - help with crimping


Any ideas welcome!
Issue: Struggling to get reliable contact / connection with replaced “Clincher” cable connector on flat flexible cable (FCI) film conductive ink. Mfg – Amphenol ICC /
Game: Arachnid Dart Game 6300

Problem: Dart head matrix connection end – flat ribbon cable oxidized and bad connection thus a few dart segments in the spider were doa.

What I Have Done: I was able to find replacement 19 pin “Clincher” cable connector. Cut off bad connector and replaced with new connector – used end of needle nose flier to push down on metal tab to pierce the cable. It’s almost like a “mash down technique” – not very pretty or effective.  In doing so, yes it worked on most of the 19 tabs, but not very reliable.  Move the cable and some metal tabs loose connection. My technique is not reliable – once I think all connections made and bench tested ok / place back in game and sure enough a few contacts become No Go.
Need Help: ideas for better manual connection / Better yet, if someone in the Twin Cities would allow me to come to their shop/home office who might have the correct FCI crimp tool (this tool is about $1000).

Thanks for any ideas –

Buy another brand (or no brand) 20-pin connector? 2.54mm pitch is very common.

Some varieties (like IDC) come with tiny blades that cut into the wire, making a good connection. You just have to press firmly when locking it into place. Guess it might be hard with 20 pins :)  1x20 may be hard to find too.

Search for "20 pin 2.54mm 1x20 female connector". You may need to crimp or solder. You won't need to pay $1000 for a suitable everyday crimping tool, though good ones can get a little costly.

Great and thank you!


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