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Hello everyone, below I will post a notification for new compiled versions of mame, for each (not always) new release.
Mainly I apply the groovy patch, the nonag, I enable the cv1k, lately I am also including the patches that haynor666 uses.
The builds I compile are usable on groovyarcade and on all linux distros (and windows of course).

As always, I thank everyone who makes their patches available and who are constantly working on our fantastic hobby.

you can download the previous and latest builds from my repo

I hope they can be useful to someone who wants to try a record attack with the wolf on crt (the generated file is absolutely not affected by the patches and is visible from the standard wolfmame) or try a new homebrew on a decent monitor  ;D ;).

ATTENTION, I just compile the sources and apply / modify patches, often I don't even have a chance to try the emulator.
For me, if it compiles, it works, I have no programming skills, so I can't give any kind of support  :cheers:


Groovymame current version 0.263 - Switchres 2.220a win/linux
Groovyhbmame 0.245.14 win/linux

DUDE! You come at the absolute RIGHT TIME! Thank you SO MUCH!

Unfortunately the HBmame seems to be corrupted. I can't start it on any of my cabinets or pc's.

Exception at EIP=00007ff6520f753e (not found): ACCESS VIOLATION
While attempting to read memory at 000000003930303a
RAX=0000000039303032 RBX=00007ff657bcb6e0 RCX=00000013efdff510 RDX=00000013efdf89b0
RSI=00000013efdf9740 RDI=00000013efdf89b0 RBP=00000013efdf8990 RSP=00000013efdf8910
 R8=000001333a549160  R9=0000013339891748 R10=0000013337f90000 R11=00000013efdf88a0
R12=00000013efdff510 R13=0000000000000000 R14=00000013efdf8b20 R15=00000013efdf8db0
Stack crawl:
  00000013efdf8ce0: 00007ff6520f753e (not found)
  00000013efdf8e30: 00007ff6521004d2 (not found)
  00000013efdf8eb0: 00007ff6520fc732 (not found)
  00000013efdf9020: 00007ff6520ea265 (not found)
  00000013efdf9320: 00007ff6520e36e1 (not found)
  00000013efdf9450: 00007ff652e0360b (not found)
  00000013efdf95e0: 00007ff652e06eeb (not found)
  00000013efdfea70: 00007ff6521c58f4 (not found)
  00000013efdfee60: 00007ff652258114 (not found)
  00000013efdff170: 00007ff65225867b (not found)
  00000013efdff1d0: 00007ff6521c06ac (not found)
  00000013efdff710: 00007ff655b36f58 (not found)
  00000013efdff7d0: 00007ff6516713ae (not found)
  00000013efdff800: 00007ff6516714e6 (not found)
  00000013efdff830: 00007ffdb6f954e0 (BaseThreadInitThunk+0x0010)
  00000013efdff8b0: 00007ffdb800485b (RtlUserThreadStart+0x002b)

this version 245.6 is not verified, i think the last good is the 0.244 but i've not compiled this, the last done is 0.243, try it

Thanks for making your builds available for more to enjoy  :cheers:


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