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Hey all,
A guy near me selling a pga tour championship cabinet.  Looks reasonable,  and promo videos play fine,  but once the game starts up it is very stuttery in the way it responds... animations are choppy and take a while to load,  movements of the track ball take several seconds to apply.

The guy reckons he switched out the old pc with a new one...  I noticed in boot sequence the new pc was pentium 4 1.7ghz but didn't spot any other stats...

Any ideas or hints on how I can identify if this machine can be repaired easily or not?

there is literally a 60 page thread going on here regarding PGA cabs. it has since moved onto facebook.,129168.0.html

if its slow and stuttery, its cause it's old... and has an old video card... and has the bare minimum amount of ram... and an old hard drive. it's possible to "speed up" the old machine and make it a little smoother...but keep in mind this is a game from 2006... it's going to play like a game from 2006.

Thanks heaps for the link, I'll read through that.

I didn't explain myself properly I think,  re reading my post... basically once it of attract mode, the game plays at about 0.5-1 fps... I wouldn't have expected that sort of degradation...

But yeah, I suppose it would be hardware related...

could be degraded thermal compounds.... CPU...GPU... they get all dry and crusty and then they act as more of an insulator than a heat conductor causing them to overheat and throttle down to protect themselves. 1FPS.


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