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Super Off Road - Video Issues

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Booted up my Super off road today and I am greeted with this following image on the monitor.  Not sure where to go here, I've checked all the chips and connectors on the board and made sure that was all good.  Power supply has 12.55 volts.  Any suggestions?

12 volts does not matter....5 volts IS going to matter here. your 12 volts is going to run sound and lights and whatnot... the 5 volts runs all the electronics.

you are going to want to check the voltage on one of the chips (not just the power supply.) as the power is going to drop over the wires and connectors and circuit board traces before it gets to the chips which do the business....  and adjust that voltage (if you can) up to 5.1v if your power is low at the chips start working your way back towards the supply....check the edge connector or plug where the power comes in... see if it's low there first. no sense cranking up the power to get 5v on board if the power supply is dumping 6 volts are losing it somewhere.

honestly this looks like a board issue...not a monitor issue.

my thoughts in order of likelihood:

bad power
bad ROM
bad RAM
bad data control chip

thanks, I'll check the voltage further, I think one of the roms has taken a dump or gotten corrupted myself.  I also agree it should not be anything with the monitor

ideally, if you have access to an EEPROM programmer, you can read out the data of each chip and compare it with the same version of the game from the MAME romset to see if they match. (since they are the same data.) if your version is older than the mame romset, just burn a whole new set and have yourself the latest (last) version.

if it does not match, you'll have to source a new replacement chip and reburn it...again mame romset is your friend.

Mike A:
If you live anywhere near Chicago I can help you check your ROMs. But you need to check your +5v on the chips first.


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