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Post-apocalyptic arcade (and AI art)

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Ok, so I've been screwing around with AI and have prodded it into doing my bidding to create some arcade artwork.  What it creates can be absolutely stunning...or the stuff of nightmares.

Thought I would share a few images in this thread.  I'll start it off with an interesting one which I have formatted for use as a 1080p desktop wallpaper.

I'll put some more up later if anyone is interested in seeing them.

I call this one "Man Cave"  :laugh2:

i really dig all the AI pics i've been seeing. computers are getting too smart for us.

i should start planning pulling the plug and living in the woods eating bark.

To me, all AI art always lacks something, something that is difficult to define.

These pictures are visually interesting and impressive. They demonstrate applied knowledge, style and technique, but the deeper layers are missing. I can see connections between the elements, but not the meaning or relevance to the subjects artist. It is like a procedural skimming of impressions that only goes skin deep. I feel that the "artist" does not understand what they are painting. There is no story.

When I look at art, even banal everyday art, I hope to find a tiny window into the soul or mind of the artist, as they were at that time and place. Even with very abstract art. AI art, not so much.

It is not without value. For example, I could see this kind of work being used for computer generated backgrounds in games, virtual reality, anime or even big movies. Stuff where you want more interest and details, but don't have the time.

Human artists will continue to find more work into the future, though they will probably always be struggling :D

I don't mean to sound negative. Also sorry to sound a bit like an art wanker. They are nice pictures and I enjoy them, but I see algorithms not artists.

I won't say that they aren't art - it is a kind of art here, even in the selection of parameters for the AI. Also because I don't even want to start down that rabbit hole.

AI understands that "Arcade" is not a single machine.  I like this AI.


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