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Installing G27 directly into the Control Panel of a Daytona Cab

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I have to say I do like the idea of just getting the wheel/pedals/buttons working first and I can audio out on the PC easy to some speakers as a start, and piecemail the rest of it over time.

--- Quote from: baritonomarchetto on September 15, 2022, 03:19:18 pm ---Yes, converting a cabinet the right way takes a lot of time and efforts. But please believe me when I say that removing excellent, factory components and replace them with commercial PC peripherals by cutting and drilling a genuine cab will not stop your daytona hunger. It's not hiding PC peripherals into your cab that will turn it into a working daytona (phrase of the week :D).
If I was you, I would start with a simple gamepad hack. No force feedback, no lamp outputs... Only wheel, pedals and buttons/switches. In the process you will take confidence with solder and your ideas will clear. Then you can stop or go on and start studying an approach
to FF. I started this way. Recently I developed a (open) JVS to PC interface, and a good number of other arcade dedicated, custom interfaces. Nothing special: it's just to say that it is possibile to improve starting from zero :)

About the limited number of buttons in racing games: a smart approach to increase the number of messages/keystrokes is the use of a shift button. When the shift button is held pressed, any other button sends a different key. Most commercial and DIY cab to pc interfaces adopt such a solution but also those gamepad to keyboard softwares could be used

--- End quote ---

You need to keep everything but the I/O board and the big computer case. You could keep the monitor, but it's more complicated and I don't see the point if you want to play 3D games. Check the Philips curved can put it in front of the bezel so you can keep it. I have the 322E1C (1080p) but for my new cab I will buy the 2K version.

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--- Quote from: fablog on September 15, 2022, 06:58:26 pm ---You could keep the monitor, but it's more complicated and I don't see the point if you want to play 3D games.
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Sacrilege. I will grant it's a labour of love, but to me the CRT  is the most important part :) At least keep as much of it intact as possible and pass it on to someone who can use it.


I'm not sure I have all the parts needed. Most of the boards have corrosion issues. All 3 of the boards with the LED indicators for the errrors have corrosion. All 3 of the sound amplifiers have corrosion. In talking with Ken at he told me that those two boards are the ones that always go and are hard to find. No never purchase them from oveseas because they are almost always bad due to corrosion.

No problem for all about sound., you can use computer components instead. For my first cab  I used a creative labs Inspire P7800 and a Sound Blaster X-finity pro.

You need a drive board, a motor board, and a power supply. If your drive board is dead, you could buy a FFB controller board from Aganyte (gamoover) to replace it, and in this case I think you don't need a BFF.
Here is a  tutorial about this solution.


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