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Installing G27 directly into the Control Panel of a Daytona Cab

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I ran across this video of a guy who installed his G27 directly into the control panel of his Daytona. Curious if anyone on here has done something like this? I'm trying to decide to try to keep the stock components on my Daytona 2 cabs to install my G27s. I like this option because I'm not too jazzed about trying to run all the original components (not even sure what works in half the cabs) and this would alleviate the need to cut into the dash.

This is a slow board, there's no need to make more threads on the same subject. It will only fragment information that would probably be collectively helpful to others :)

Ok, will do! Excited about this project and just alot to take in. :)

Stay with the old stock. A G27 is fragile, and it's a big concern if you have kid's around. I did that with my Sega Nascar and it's OK, but I changed my mind after and bought it's twin sister which have the whole hardware. The  backforcefeeder is the best option for you to connect a computer to the old wiring. I'm doing it for my racing cab.
I think there is no easy solution to convert a racing cab, but if you have a working wheel, drive board and motor board, the BFF will be easier because you won't need to modify your G27.
Is your arcade able to turn on?

I cut the metal of my dash with an angel grinder and a cutting wheel , trimmed the plastic with a dremel.
I know you already saw this cause you posted in my thread :p

Its a Fanatec GSR but its the same premise. I still need to wire up the shifter and camera buttons , and get a PAC LED for the camera buttons too. Big issue is the clutch pedal has to be held down 1/2 way while "mapping buttons.


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