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Megatouch XL keeps saying PRESS A KEY TO REBOOT


I had this xl for 1 day before it broke. When I turn it on it starts to boot up. The screen comes up that has the option to press DEL. If you dont press anything the next screen is black and in the upper left corner it says
When i press a key its start to reboot again and then right back to the PRESS A KEY TO REBOOT. Dont matter how many times I press a key.I have no idea whats wrong. I know nothing about these computers or computers in general but I am trying to figure this out. I appreciate the help.

For context, he's posted the same question a few times on the megatouch Facebook group. We've already suggested he check hard drive connections and/or replace the drive.

To my knowledge, he's done neither.

post count =1 im sure he will move on to klov next.
I mean keep trying websites till you get an answer you like. Maybe he will eventually find the magic keyboard trick...

answer is simple... it says "PRESS A KEY TO REBOOT"

you press the letter "A" key...not any others...and done!

i jest. or not. whatever. sometimes i lie...sometimes i just stretch the truth.

ezpz answer...swap harddrive (or re-clone a good version onto it).... the message is from the initial operating system loading up... finding it has toasted/missing/corrupted files and telling you to try rebooting cause it might just be a fluke.

but the drive is 100 years old and likely needs to be tossed anyway...dig up something new(er) and extend your lifetime by several years.

(see what i did there?)


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