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Fretsaw project: Peanuts Star Wars diorama

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Found this Peanuts Star Wars pic. Thought I could do a diorama of it.

Step 1: Cutting out the characters.

Tools used: A Ryoba to cut the boards to size, a fretsaw to cut out the characters.

Step 2: Snoopy Obi Wan Snoop.

Cut out all the parts and sanded them with 240 grit sandpaper. Sanding took approx. two hours. Yay.

Here's a pile of Snoop.

Now off to painting and glueing.

Step 3: Cutting out Darth Woodstock.

Have to get some brown paint for Snoopy, so I painted the parts I do have paint for and went on to cut out Woodstock's parts.

A pile of Woodstock. This one has some really tiny parts.

Woodstock partially assembled and sanded.

This one will be tough to paint because the hut's roof is going to be red, but Woodstock will be painted black. It's one piece, the hut's surface is uneven, so getting a perfect transition will probably be tricky.

Lots of tricky blue painters tape work.

And this is awesome!

This is cool.

I see a lot more sanding (and filling) ahead :D


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