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Megatouch Maxx Emerald 2, 2 questions


Hello, I recently aquired a Megatouch Maxx Emerald 2 (that is what is on the cabinet) with Sapphire 2 upgrade.  The game was of Craigslaist as a freebee and I was first in line.
I got the game home powered it up and saw that it had a Phoenix Bios and a config error.
I opened the case , saw the pc board, pulled the cmos battery, it had .4 volts, so I replace it with another "good" cmos battery.  I attached a PC keyboard to the sustem board set the date and time. rebooted the game and it came up!  I know I am rambling, but I am "old".
Here are my 2 questions:
I cleaned the coin mech and it works fine, but it won't register coins because the connector on the game that the coin unit plugs into is unplugged in the back of the game.  I have looked everywhere but can't find where the connector plugs into.  Any guidance would be appreciated.

2nd question:
Is there a way to disable the timer setting no matter what game you play?

Thank you for your patience with me.

A sad note:  Ron Rich who was the Moderator of "Jukebox Addicts" passed away July 22, at the age of 79.  He was a Seeburg expert, and very very knowledgable on all other jukeboxes.
He could be a tough on you, but in the end he would aleays help you.  Just a FYI


BJ Wizzer

Post some pictures of the cabinet. The wood countertop ones the wires connect when you slide the assembly back into place.
What timer are you talking about? The games are designed to have a quick play so the next person can play.


Thanks for your reply, I apologize if my questions were vague.

I am aware of the female connector mounted inside of the cabinet that the male connector on the coin mech assembly slides into. There is a 2 wire connector that has 2 wires, black and yellow, these wires attach to the back of the female connector. This connector is orphaned right now and I can't find where it plugs into.  The game is on freeplay right now, but I would like to be able to set it up for "pay to play".  I already "shopped" the coin mech and tested the coin switch.

My "timer" question is about the timer setting in the game setup where you can enable or disable certain settings.  you can disable (uncheck) the "timer" for the regular games but not the exotic category.

I want to sell the game and heve it appeal to both the homeowner and business owner.

I'll try to take some pics of the cabinet and the connector in question.

Once again, any help is appreciated.



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