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Tips on how to stop deterioration of an arcade marquee artwork?


Teh Lurv:
I recently bought an arcade marquee lot where the seller caveated two the flexi marquees in the lot (Pit Fighter & Cabal if anyone was wondering) were badly damaged. Looking at the marquees after I got home, I can tell Pit Fighter is probably a lost cause. Big chunks of the artwork layer are missing and the rest flakes off like it has a bad case of dandruff. Cabal on the other hand is in better shape than I was led to believe, but it has some small pitted spots of missing artwork with cracks that I think will probably grow over time.

I was curious if there is anything like glue or other adhesive I could try to reinforce the artwork without damaging the marquee further?


I've heard of people putting "triple thick" over artwork on pinballs to try and mitigate further deterioration. I'm not sure about it's log run performance, as ive never done it. but something worth googling if you want a rathole to go down today.

I noticed that some arcade operators in Australia would laminate marquee artwork


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