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The console and arcade boards use different cartridges.  There are converters to use the much cheaper arcade carts on a home console.  You would be insane to go the other direction these days.  All revisions of the roms are present on both types of carts, and your experience is determined by your bios.  The Unibios allows you to run the home and arcade motherboards as any variation of the hardware, selectable on the fly.  The home versions have limited continues but tend to allow more progress saving.  You can also generally start on the level you lost your last continue on, so the limited continues on the home games are just a mild annoyance.  You have to buy an external memory card for saves, but itís just a PCMCIA SRAM card which are universal but not commonly used.  Very expensive, too.  I just bought some homebrew FRAM cart off Arcade Projects that has like 16 times the capacity and two different memory banks.


Ah... the Unibios thing finally explained.
Thanks pbj.
I'll need to look down the Arcade Projects rabbit hole also then it appears.
My island companion Falkenhawk did quite generously give me that 4 slot board so I have learned a little about the MVS world as a result recently.
Holy ---steaming pile of meadow muffin--- are there a lot of games here.
Whoooiee are some expensive and damn are some silly fun.
I don't know what stimulants the designers were on, but Metal Slug 3...?
Didn't realize I could love being a zombie barfing arcs of fire.

There is a bloke in the UK I need to look to who repros a bunch of ancillary items crucial to a legit cabinet build (for those going that route I suppose) and the progress saving ability makes this all seem quite a bit more fun with some games.

I got a few originals and a 161 cart (which seems to play fine so far) to try out games that looked fun but either seem unobtanium or are $100s-$1000s for originals.
I will do my part to hold out hope for another round of Darksoft MVS carts otherwise.

And happy to read that you aren't terminally ill of course.
Health scares really suck.
Passing on the two chicks thing though...?


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