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Nice work, it really is a cool looking console and yours looks like it's in good shape. Looking forward to seeing how this project turns out.

Looks great! I may have a neogeo memory card in the coin box of my cab, I'll check tonight or tomorrow.

Now I gotta go wax my Genny model 1 and hope it looks that good

Got my AV cable.

The one and only time a blue screen is a good thing….

Anyway, 12VDV 2A adapter pulled out of a trash pile.  Cut wires, flipped polarity. 

Blue screen means it passes all the RAM checks.  Wish I had tested it before I scraped up the power jack, but eh.  Did a lot of wiggling on the board, power switch, and all that and it seems to be solid.  Fingers are crossed this will work 100%.

More stuff arriving… some guy on arcade projects sells high capacity memory cards, so got my hands on one of those.

Also got my “great condition” joystick.  The seller very carefully cropped that dogshit cord out of the photos but at least it’s readily replaced if I bust out another twenty.  Did shine up very nicely, though.

Sadly, you can’t get into the memory card management without a cart, so I’m still staring at a blue screen.


So you going to pimp that joystick or not?   Just curious.   


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