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Trying to staunch the financial bleed, so Iím not sure how many mods Iím doing.

I once saw an AES joystick with replacement snap in buttons to match the Neo Geo colors and thought it looked cheap.  I dredged up some snap in buttons from a parts box and Iím still not a fan of the look.

I do have a brand new 35mm white ball top off a Sanwa stick I never used.  The original 30mm ball is cracked (they all are).  Trying to decide if this looks too cheesy or not. 

A lot of people take a dremel to the underside of the reset button and mount an LED.  Iím not real crazy about carving out the original button, especially in the days of super bright lights.  I played around with a $1 harbor freight flashlight and it worked greatÖ but then Iím out a flashlight.  So then I pulled out an old pinball led I use in those rectangular poker buttons.

My very high tech setupÖ.

But damned if just lazily pointing it at the side of the button isnít effectiveÖ

And with the lid on

And a pointless blurry photo taken in the dark

So, for being something I already own and can mount in a non destructive way, I think Iím proceeding with this one.


Pic attached of what I did to my Neo Geo X stick. Sanwa buttons are a lot snappier than stock in this case. The bigger issue is that I can't find a decent spring to replace the crappy lightweight spring in the stick. I have a heavier spring coming from the UK that is reported to work, but shipping is taking forever.

Hm. Iím coming around to that look.  Still havenít played any games but I can tell the stock buttons are going to piss me off.  Have you installed an octagon restrictor?

I have been thinking of picking up a CMVS.  I have been thinking of trying my hand at some fighting games and the four button controls seems like it might be easier to learn.   :dunnoI had a MVS cabinet but because I was a product of the 80s arcade scene and didn't visit arcades in the 90s, I didn't have any nostalgia attachment to any of the games, so I sold it. 


--- Quote from: pbj on September 09, 2022, 05:34:56 am ---Hm. Iím coming around to that look.  Still havenít played any games but I can tell the stock buttons are going to piss me off.  Have you installed an octagon restrictor?

--- End quote ---

I saw that several people recommended the octagon, but I haven't gone that route. The stick just isn't great in general. I don't have any problem with circular motions in fighting games. The X sticks are greased to hell, too. The whole joystick shaft spins freely, which I hate. I've removed a lot of the excess grease, but it hasn't helped too much, hoping that the new spring stops the spin. If it doesn't I'll probably take it apart and give it a detergent bath. It's that annoying.

Generally, the Neo Geo X sticks are slightly worse than the original Neo Geo sticks I've tried at gaming conventions. The X is lighter and cheaper feeling, so your stock buttons may be better than what the X shipped with. Overall, all the Neo Geo sticks and control pads I've tried feel worse to me than real arcade controls, though I guess there is something cool and nostalgic about playing Last Blade or Blazing Star with the arched button layout.

The Sanwa snap-in buttons don't sit perfectly flush, but they are secure and haven't moved at all. The bezel does make them feel a little small compared to the stock buttons, which are closer to the full-sized arcade buttons, given the lack of bezel. Unless you encounter a lot of sticking buttons or other problems, I'd probably keep the buttons stock.


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