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3.6v Tadiran Lithium Inorganic AA Battery

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So, I purchased a Cinematronics World Series "The Season" arcade. My first "real" arcade. I have a couple of MAME machines. Anyway, the whole reason why I loved this game back in the day was that it saved your stats. Well, this machine is not doing that  :'( I checked the service menu and everything is good on that end. So, I'm thinking that this battery is the culprit. Am I on the right track?

Good news:  It looks like the battery hasn't leaked all over the PCB, so you've got that going for you.   ;D

--- Quote from: spisi on August 23, 2022, 05:56:03 pm ---So, I'm thinking that this battery is the culprit. Am I on the right track?

--- End quote ---
You might be, but it's impossible to say from the pic.

Ask your multimeter.   ;)

If the multimeter shows a reasonable voltage on the battery, the next thing I'd check are those ten empty IC sockets.
- What does the schematic and/or parts breakdown show for those ICs? (U9, U23, U25, U26, etc.)
- Are memory chips supposed to be in any of those positions?


I guess I should have checked the battery before ordering a new one on Amazon LOL, only $13 might as well change it anyway. Good point about those empty slots....I'll look into that!

Have you run the "DIAGNOSTICS" menu "PROCESSOR MEMORY TEST" on page 21 of this manual PDF?

One other thing to look at is the "ERASE ALL PLAYER STATISTICS" menu on page 31.
- There's a limit of 300 player stat slots so you might need to clear them.   :dunno


Yes, I did check that out already. Went through the whole service menu, everything is good on that end. Also, the manual shows that there is nothing to be installed on U9, U23, U25 & U26....but...manual doesn't show anything for U22, U24 & U27  :dunno


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