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No Video or image on monitor – English Mark Darts – 6300 Super 6 Plus II


Barn Find – was heavy dusty and not used in years.
Checked PS – 5, 12 and 21 VDC are present.  Power on all bulbs light up as expected. And sound is heard when coin credit is make.
Video input continuity test from mainboard cable to monitor / cable edge not connected is open (no tone) but once edge card cable is connected to monitor – now the video input is closed with ground – tone with video and ground – I suspect there is a short or something similar on the video motherboard.
I do plan to test the external monitor once I find the needed items. Of course a couple of years ago cleaning out the tech room- tossed those archaic items – who kew…
One other items on main motherboard is what appears to be heat stress discoloring to the right of chip U23 (MK48Z02 Memory w/ battery) maybe that is common?
Well this barn find might be a donor system – just could not pass up the opportunity.
Thanks for any ideas or feedback.


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