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Hantarex MTC9300 black screen


Hi to all,
I have a cab with a NEO-GEO MVS on a Hantarex MTC 9300 25". It worked fine for years, few days ago I switched it on and I got just a black screen. Audio works, fuses and wires seem to be OK. It does not make strange noises. I notice that the screen shows white in the corners for a very short moment (like a flash) when switched on...

I dissambled it, in order to clean it and hopefully to find the problem... I found a broken spring, fell down from a transistor and maybe caused a short.

I can't add attachments, maybe because I am new here... so, I am talking about the transistors fixed on the big plate in front of the L104 (Horizontal  Linearity) and L105 (Bridge Coil). I found the spring between this plate and the bridge coil.

Please need help

once you post about half dozen comments or so, you'll graduate out of newbie status. without knowing anything about what part or where or anything....

if a spring has dropped into the chassis and shorted things out, you are going to be chasing down parts, cause it could be anything.

in the dark shotgun approach... replace the transistor and any parts that the spring was or might have been touching. and possibly check any diodes and resistors around it to see if they are open/out of spec/shorted ... and see if that does it.

if not, you'll have to dig up a schematic and find out where in the circuit that transistor is, and check where it's power is coming from and see if something is blown there. typically a power supply comes in and gets reduced down with a resistor... then goes to the transistor to be switched on and off for something...if you short out that transistor or the "something", typically the resistor goes brown and out of spec causing the voltage to be too low to do anything......or goes open and no longer supplies power to the "something". so the monitor might kinda work in the sense that you have main B+ voltages...but nothing else works.


post a few comments here and there, be sure to reply here and get another... soon enough you'll be able to post pics.


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