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Have there ever been "pedestal Arcades" in the wild?


that is too say has there ever been a game that natively came in a pedestal cab at least has there been pedestal cabs in arcades I vaguely remember seeing one in the times square arcade in the 00s (I miss those 2 arcades in time sq) but they also had shady stuff that looked like hyperspin cabs

most of the 09-15 Golden tee games are pedestal cabinets, and all the new ones are too. (where the operator supplies their own monitor.)

back in the day dynamo had a "universal" 32" pedestal cabinet...and you could literally put any game into it.

most of the pedestals you see these days are DIY units because you can literally make them out of a single sheet of material, where a regular upright cabinet might take 3.


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