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Pinball LEDs have gotten better

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Chopper, the LEDs seemed to be the usual LED with an inline resistor design we've seen before.  I didn't crack open any of them to see if they're more complicated.  I've got a couple uninstalled, I'll try to pry it apart and take a deeper look.

I know exactly the strobing effect you're talking about.  The first machine (No Fear) I saw converted to LED about a decade ago gave me a headache from the flickering.  I will be honest and admit that I started seeing the faint strobing in World Cup Soccer feature lights around the time I had the string over to ~60% LED (I did them one by one with the machine on).  I don't really notice it until a bunch of them are lit, and that only happens in attract mode.  It's livable for me.

No issues with the general illumination, but WCS 94 is known to be a machine that doesn't have problems with LED.

The lights look fine in my EM.  I actually took a paint marker to some of the lights and it did a great job of giving me that red tint I liked.

I haven't fully converted Alien Poker and Firepower, but what's been switched over looks good so far.



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