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Iíve been chasing general illumination gremlins on my WCS 94 for a couple years now.  I finally gave up and jumped two strings together with heavy duty wire under the playfield.  Everything worked, Iím never selling this game anyway, but I could tell it was overloading the circuits.  Bulbs were a little dim and I just kept waiting for something to blow every time I played it.

So, instead of fixing the underlying problem I decided to revisit LEDs.  $25 gets you 100 shipped now from China, and they look an awful lot like what ďwell knownĒ vendors sell in the US.  I havenít done business with any of them so have no comments on their domestic product, but Iíve been quite pleased with what I received.

So, I bought 100 47s and 100 555s.  World Cup seems to actually need about 20 47s and 120 555s but I got all the general illumination replaced and the vast majority of the feature lights.  I used ďwarm whiteĒ for everything.

In the photo, you see some flashlight effect in the back box.  Itís not as noticeable to the naked eye.

Iím liking the overall look.  Inserts fully light up and are much easier to see and read during a game now. 

Playfield has a much more clean and modern look.  You can make out the back of the playfield a lot better now.

Itís a little obnoxious during light shows, but not overwhelming,  Flashers and such are still incandescent mostly because I got cheap.  This game is supposed to not have any issues with ghosting or flickering leds and I havenít noticed anything too bad on those lines.  Iíve got so many 47s left over Iím going to play with them on my older games and see how it goes.


Hereís the ones I bought, from some guy called Gearuis.

I put some of the 47s in my EM.

You can see the burn marks on the central bottom middle plastic from the old bulbs.  All Suspense machines are burned here.  I left the painted red incandescent bulbs on the sides and in the middle.  All other general illumination, inserts and pop bumper lights are LED.  Iím quite impressed with the similarity to incandescent.

I was a little embarrassed, too.  Iíve had this machine for ~20 years and half the bulbs were silvered and running way too hot.  Next step will be the back box.


Mike A:
They look good in pics.

I always want to keep things as original as possible.

But with pins it seems that LED illumination solves a bunch of problems.

It looks like you found LEDs that are close to original.

I have seen too many pins outfitted with LEDs so bright that you have to wear dark sunglasses or go blind.

You did a nice job and those LEDs will help keep those pins running.

I've tried to do the above play field GI stuff in leds and can't do it. Just something about that tungsten glow and natural hard shadows. The peripheral artifacts I see with led's is something I can't unsee, kinda like during x-mas and a house is lit up with led's and as you look away you can notice the hrz flicker. With scanning a play field that's led'd I see that same flicker. Back box, pop bumpers, under play field stuff doesn't catch my eye like the above general illumination does. Has that tech been improved upon in last 5 years?

good day.


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