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Cruis’n world need help


Sorry new here and not sure if I’m posting this in the right place.

I just picked up 2 cruis’n world sit downs… I was told that the monitors were bad. 1 game you can hear it play through and the picture is like rolling horizontal lines. The other one turns on and… nothing. I think I will deal with that one later. I was thinking of converting to a lcd. I converted a gti club a while back. But when I hook up the converter to cruis’n I can’t get it to work. I appreciate any help. Thanks

Leaving aside the fact that such an unnatural conversion to LCD will almost definitely give you chronic halitosis and make your teeth fall out, no really...

Does the chassis have a horizontal hold pot and have you tried adjusting it? Have you tried an alternative video source that the CRT monitor can accept?

What resolution and signal format is the game board supposed to output, and it is actually doing so? Does that resolution line up with something your converter board can handle? I would imagine most don't like 24kHz, for example.

 is It's possible the game board isn't outputting video correctly

Thank you for the help…I continued with the conversation and yes not happy with it. turns out the lcd converter board was not getting the exact voltage/amps and caused it to act up. After getting that correct it works and many adjustments it looks ok.


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