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I have a JVL RETRO.  Joystick board needs work. Center joystick works 4 LED'S also work.  Left side switch does not work but the LED does.  Right side switch does not work as well as the LED.
Am looking for a repair service or possible complete board replacement with a working one.

Photos: A-Board   B-Left Switch   C-Right Switch


that's going to take some pretty serious work to fix...especially after it's been ham fisted.

those right angle surface mount LEDs are known for rotting and just falling off due to corrosion.

Should of seen it before I cleaned it up.
yea just started looking around for a replacement board or parting out unit
Those switches look like they work by a light beam being broken when you tap the plastic button.

yeah, it's just an infrared led and a receiver. SUPPOSED to be more reliable than a microswitch...except when you design your cabinet so dumb, that when crap gets spilled on it, it literally funnels it onto the board where it corrodes and eats away at the solder/traces.

i wouldn't say it's unfixable... anything is fixable given enough ignorance and time.

i say if you absolutely cant find replacements... you can jerry rig it till it works...

but try and find a replacement first XD.

Ignorance? I prefer to call it determination.  :soapbox:

You Canucks throw in the towel too easy.......


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